About Us

Red Violet is the first major, affordable upscale, Chinese-Themed dining establishment to open in downtown Chicago in 15 years. Red Violet is a new “modern Chinese” restaurant and lounge, offering the first true, affordable upscale Chinese restaurant option to the bustling River North neighborhood in downtown Chicago. Red Violet’s sibling is the popular Niu Japanese Fusion Lounge, located in River East.

Red Violet will feature a stunning-but not intimating 250 seat dining room with an emphasis on clean lines and modern design fused with traditional Chinese elements and antiques, plus an elegant bar/lounge area. The ground floor houses the main kitchen, bar, and dining room; the lower level features a 10 to 12-seat lounge/private room for special occasions. Fiery yet warm hues of red and violet will be sprinkled throughout the restaurant, representing what the Chinese believe as universal harmony when both red and blue are combined to create the color violet.