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Why is an Epoxy Flooring System more Effective than Epoxy Coating

The garage is a vital part of the house, yet it is the most neglected one. This is why if you are planning to take good care of it so you can make it look as span and beautiful as the rest of the house, you will have to start by the floors. This is because most garage floors are not finished as people are usually spending their time and money on the rest of the house. Therefore, if you are planning to enhance the flooring of the garage because it looks unattractive with all of the greasy stains and the hot tire mark, then epoxy is the way to go.

When it comes to epoxy floors, there are two kinds. The first one that is usually suggested by epoxy flooring companies is the installation of an epoxy flooring system. The other one is applying a simple epoxy coating to the floors of the garage.

There are plenty of advantages in installing the flooring system to the garage; on the other hand, you will have to put in mind the practicality of having an expensive system for the garage floors. These systems can sustain greasy stains, hot tire marks and heavy-duty traffic. On the other hand, everyone knows that the garage flooring is not as distressed as the ones in industrial sites, automobile bays and hangers. The epoxy flooring system can last for more than twenty years, which can be very cost effective in the long haul because you will be saving yourself the future expenses for maintaining the floor.

So apart from backing out and driving in the car, you will have to consider what other activities that you will do in the garage. You also have to consider the amount of foot traffic from the other members of the household. You should also put in mind if you store heavy machinery in the garage, which means that you will be dragging heavy equipment across the garage floor. In short, using an epoxy garage floor system is a wonderful idea for garages that witness a lot of foot traffic and other activities and they are also cost effective in the long term.

As for epoxy floor coating, it is a great way to provide the garage flooring with the needed protection from greasy stains and hot tire marks. It is also quite easy to clean as any stains or tire marks can be easily washed away by water and soap, but it is not as resilient as epoxy flooring systems. So it is dedicated to the less distressed garage floors that do not witness heavy traffic.

Whether you want to install epoxy floor coating or a flooring system, you will find plenty of service providers who can get the job done for you. It is not advised to do it yourself because it requires special tools and experience so it can be applied correctly, so it can live for a long time without any needed maintenance.