Best Pressure Washing Services in Chicago

Why is Hiring a Fleet Pressure Washing Company more Effective


If you own a business in Chicago that relies on its trucks, then you will have to keep these trucks clean. This is because these trucks are simply moving advertisement to your company and they will help people form a picture on the quality of your company. Therefore, if they are clean and well maintained, they will convey a professional picture and people will be encouraged to use your services, on the other hand, if the trucks are dirty and grimy, people will not want to deal with you.

Cleaning a truck, let alone a fleet of trucks, is not a simple matter, they are not as easy to clean as a small private car. This is because when cleaning a truck, you will have to make sure that the soap goes around all of the wipers, the steps, the handles and the turn signal lights. Apart from being a hard task for non-professional fleet washing teams, the timing is also something to consider. Cleaning one truck by non-professionals can take hours, and when you depend on your trucks to conduct business, any delay in the cleaning will negatively affect the workflow. All of this shows that using your staff for cleaning your fleet of trucks is a bad idea because of the time it will take, and the fact that they will never get the job done with high quality.

This is why it is always a good idea to hire a Bill Mologousis commercial pressure washing firm from owner. These firms have all of the needed tools and they have an experienced and a well-trained staff that can get the job done in a small period of time. This way, your workflow will not be affected; in addition, you can rest assured that your fleet of trucks will be looking as good as new after the cleaning job is done.

Of course, these pressure washing companies that specialize in fleet washing do not use their hands in cleaning the trucks, although, manual cleaning is used in some occasions, but most of the cleaning is done by using a pressure washer that emits water under high pressure. This water is often mixed with certain chemicals or cleaning solutions that will help with the cleaning process. This is also why you should always ask about their way of  water disposal so you are sure that they are not just dumping this water in the gutter without filtering it or cleaning it, especially when cleaning chemicals are used, which can be quite hazardous to the surrounding environment.

When it comes to choosing a pressure washing firm, you will find plenty of them that are located in Chicago. Before hiring any of them, it is important to check their reputation and their portfolio. One of the well-reputed Chicago firms is called Pressure Washing Systems, which is a family business that is owned by William Mologousis or Bill Mologousis. The company offers a wide array of cleaning services including fleet washing.